Entry Info - X4


Entry Fees - X4


EARLY (20th Aug-30th Sep)
STANDARD (1st Oct-31st Dec)
Red Bull Defiance X4
$1200 (per 4 person team)
$1500 (per 4 person team)

* Yep, the entry fee goes up $300 from the 1st of October – the earlier you enter, the more you save! Entry must be paid in one full payment per team. Unfortunately we can’t split payments at this time. There is a $40 credit card charge that goes directly to the payment service provider – Stripe. This will be added to your bill when you finalise your entry and payment. 

To enter Red Bull Defiance X4, one person per team needs to complete the entry process by following the red button link above. Teams do not need a complete team of four to enter. Entries will be processed once online registration is complete. However, a team spot is not secured until payment of the entry fee has been received. Teams will receive email notifications of their entry – once when registration is received and once when the payment has been processed. 

Entry fees increase by $300 if received after the 30th of September. Payments must be received within the calendar month stated above to receive any discount, even if the team has registered in an earlier month. Competitors aged under 18 at the time of the event need to contact the organisers before entering.

What We Provide - X4


  • Coach travel to race start from Edgewater Resort
  • Barge trip on Lake Wanaka
  • Inflatable canoes for Day 2 paddle
  • On-site search and rescue safety team
  • Special disciplines and equipment
  • Competitor handbook
  • 2x Red Bull Defiance race bib
  • High resolution team photo
  • Nutrition & hydration products
  • Tracking devices and world class Live Coverage platform
  • Prizes and trophies
  • Electronic Timing

Pre-requisites For Competitors


  • Every competitor accepts before starting that they are responsible for their own safety during the event
  • Every competitor accepts that decisions must be made in the best interest of the team and not the individual
  • Each competitor must have sufficient skills, experience and fitness to undertake an event of this nature
  • Competitors must ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the abilities of their team mate
  • Competitors must pass on any relevant and important medical information to the event organisers and team mate before the start of the event
  • Every competitor and team must accept that they will be asked to leave the course if they deemed to have insufficient outdoor skills, fitness or generally fail to meet the standards expected at Red Bull Defiance
  • Every competitor enters in the knowledge that if they become unranked or fall a long way behind expected time estimates that the organisers are not obliged to allow the team to continue on the course
  • International competitors must have propriate insurance cover over and above that provided by the organisation
  • International competitors should ensure that their insurance will cover repatriation costs back to their home country
  • The organisers highly recommend that all competitors have appropriate insurance to cover any equipment loss or damage
  • Competitors must agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgement Waiver and Release form and be willing to sign at race registration
  • All competitors must agree to abide by the race rules as set out on this website and accept any penalties applied for breaches of said rules
  • All competitors must agree to carry all mandatory equipment as set out in the Equipment list

Cancellations & Refunds


If a registered team wishes to cancel their participation in the event for whatever the reason, the team must notify the event organisers in writing via the email bex@redbulldefiance.co.nz, providing his/her name, team name and contact details.

Cancellation requests received up until midnight, 30 September 2018 will receive 50% refund of their entry fee. Entry refunds requested from 1st October until midnight 30th November 2018 will receive 25% of their entry fee. Entry fees are non-refundable from 1st of December, 2018.

All additional purchases and bank charges are nonrefundable. Refunds will be made in one payment to the team administrator and will not be split between the four team members.

If a team cannot make the event, they are not permitted to transfer their entry to a future edition of the event.

Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their entry to another team if available. This will be a transaction between the teams and the event organisers will not, in general, facilitate putting teams in touch with each other. The original team administrator must notify bex@redbulldefiance.co.nz if an entry has been transferred or sold.

If two teams do not have sufficient members and decide to join together, this will be strictly considered as one team cancelling their entry. Refund policy will be as stated above, no exceptions.

If any member of a team is deemed not competent enough to undertake the event whilst participating, the whole team will be disqualified and no refund will be given. Details of expected competencies are be promulgated on this web site and in the Newsletters. However, it is a pre-requisite of entry that every competitor and team enters the event with their eyes wide open and that they have investigated the likely scenarios they will face during the race.

If the event, or any part thereof, is cancelled, postponed, shortened, or modified in any way, or if any of the amenities, goods, or services in relation to the event are no longer provided, whether due to force majeure, legal restrictions, disputes, safety reasons, failure by service providers to perform, or any other reason or cause, the entry fees and all other fees paid will not be refundable.