Race Rules - MB


I understand and agree to the rules established for the Minaret Burn. I acknowledge that Minaret Burn is being filmed/photographed and content is being developed for the use of sponsors to leverage on an on-going basis. I accept that by entering Minaret Burn I agree to my image being captured and  this will be at no cost to the sponsors and I accept emails from sponsors regarding their services. I understand that participation in this contest is at my own risk and I accept full responsibility for my well being during the event.

1.1 The single stage events consist of a single stage run leg and a single stage mountain bike leg.
1.1.1 The single trail running stage is called the Skyline Traverse and is open to individual runners. 
1.1.2 The single stage mountain bike leg is called the Minaret Burn and is open to individual mountain bikers.
1.2 All individuals competing in the single stage events will commence the race at a different time to the main Red Bull Defiance Event and will commence the race in a mass start format.

2.1. Red Bull Defiance Skyline Traverse and the Minaret Burn are single stage events.
2.2. All competitors race as individuals in each event.
2.3. Individuals, both male and female will be awarded products prizes for the top 3 finishers in each category.

3.1. Entries officially open on June 11th 2018 at 9am. Entries will close at 5pm on the 11th of January 2019 or when capacity is reached.
3.1.1 The Minaret Burn MTB has a capacity of 120 riders.
3.1.2 The Skyline Travers has a capacity of 300 runners.
3.2. Entries received after capacity is reached will be wait listed and notified if additional entries become available or in case of injury or cancellation of pre-registered teams. 
3.3. To secure an entry in either the Skyline Traverse or Minaret Burn you are required to enter your full details through via the Enter Now page. 
3.4. Once your online entry has been submitted and payment has been processed you will be notified by email. Entry must be paid in full in order to secure your spot.  
3.5. The organisation reserves the right to increase the capacity of the event at a future date.

4.1. If a competitor wishes to cancel their participation in the event for whatever the reason, they must notify the event organisers in writing via the email bex@redbulldefiance.co.nz, providing his/her name and contact details. 
4.2. Cancellation requests received up until midnight, 31 August 2018 will receive 50% refund of their entry fee. Entry fees are non-refundable from 1st of September, 2018.
4.3. All additional purchases and bank charges are nonrefundable. 
4.4. If a competitor is deemed not competent enough to undertake the event whilst participating, the competitor will be disqualified and no refund will be given. Details of expected competencies are be promulgated on this web site and in the Newsletters. 
4.5. If the event, or any part thereof, is cancelled, postponed, shortened, or modified in any way, or if any of the amenities, goods, or services in relation to the event are no longer provided, whether due to force majeure, legal restrictions, disputes, safety reasons, failure by service providers to perform, or any other reason or cause, the entry fees and all other fees paid will not be refundable.

5.1. If a competitor cannot make the event, they are not permitted to transfer their entry to a future edition of the event.
5.2. Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their entry to another competitor if available. This will be a transaction between the competitors. The original competitor must notify bex@redbulldefiance.co.nz if an entry has been transferred or sold. 

6.1. No responsibility is taken by Red Bull, Red Bull Defiance, 100% PURE Racing or sponsors for any loss or damaged property of competitors, assistants, or friends during Minaret Burn or Skyline Traverse. By completion of the entry form the competitor accepts full responsibility for the risks entailed in competing in the event. Competitors must have their own personal insurance policies to cover against injury and equipment.
6.2. The event takes place in the mountains and surrounding environments. As a competitor in this event, you are personally responsible for your own safety and are required to carry the compulsory equipment at all times, unless instructed otherwise by the Red Bull Defiance Race Director.

7.1. The Red Bull Defiance Race Director reserves the right to disqualify or impose time penalties on any competitor for disregarding race rules or compulsory safety requirements of the Minaret Burn or Skyline Traverse.
7.2. Rules are enforced for your safety and to create a fair event. We encourage all competitors to abide by these rules and the spirit in which they are written. Any competitors found disregarding the specified rules or purposely changing the interpretation of rules for their benefit may be disqualified.

8.1. Any competitor or assistant who wishes to make a complaint about another competitor must do so in writing with supporting evidence (photos/videos) to the Red Bull Defiance Race Director within 24hrs of the completion of the event. The Red Bull Defiance Race Director’s decision regarding the complaint is final.

9.1. In the case of withdrawal the organisers must be notified by the quickest possible means.
9.2. If you are evacuated from any part of the course by helicopter or jet boat, you must report to an official immediately on arrival of your safety destination. If you are seriously injured, it is yours or your support crews responsibility to notify race officials. You will remain in the race until you have been checked off the course by course officials.

10.1. iPods, MP3 Players, personal audio devices and headphones, etc. are not allowed to be used during the race and will result in disqualification.

11.1. A large majority of this race is on private land.
11.2. Red Bull Defiance race crosses a number of property boundaries. It is an activity that complies with relevant management plans and strategies and has a number of contract conditions that must be adhered to.
11.3. There will be NO access granted to train on these privately owned stations prior to race day. Access is only permitted on race day so please respect private property both before and during the event. Competitors must not harm, approach or interfere with any stock, and at all times stock and farm vehicles have right away.

12.1. TAKE OUT ALL YOUR RUBBISH! If your race number is identified littering you will be disqualified immediately.

13.1. There are road closures on the course and normal road rules apply throughout. You must give way to any medic or support vehicle on course. If they are approaching from your immediate front or rear, please move to the side and let them pass. Anyone not adhering to this rule may be disqualified.

14.1. If you advised us of a medical condition on the entry form, then you are required to have an emergency action plan that will assist you to manage with any serious/life threatening conditions that you are susceptible to, and to carry the appropriate medication to self manage any such incident.
14.2. The event organisers decision to remove a person from the race due to medical or safety reasons is final
14.3. Intravenous Fluids (IV) may only be administered by approved medical staff. Any administration of IV fluids by anyone other than race medical staff will result in immediate disqualification of the team.
14.4. If you or your team comes across someone who is in a genuine emergency situation, you MUST stop and give assistance. Organisers will attempt to re-credit lost time where possible.
14.5. Accident Response – as a fellow competitor you may come upon an accident or emergency. If so you should proceed as follows:
14.6. First on Scene: If you are the first on the scene please stop and assist the injured/distressed competitor & gather as much information as possible.
14.7. Next on Scene: Talk to first on the scene then proceed to the nearest radio (Aid Station/Medic/4WD/Tail End Charlie/course officials) to report the situation so expert help can be requested on the scene ASAP.

15.1. Instruction by course officials to competitors and support crews must be followed. Failure to do so will see disqualification or time penalties.
15.2. Negative behavior towards race officials, volunteers and public (this includes support crews) will not be tolerated, and could result in disqualification.

16.1. Should a helicopter approach, competitors are to follow the directions indicated by the crew. Do not approach the helicopter until instructed or signaled. If the helicopter approaches, do not move away from it. Never, under any circumstances go to the rear of the helicopter – remain in full view of the pilot and crew.

17.1. Mountain bike and gear checks are recommended for all mountain bikes – ensure that you have your bike/s checked to ensure they are in safe functioning state. Carry all compulsory gear/equipment and know how to use it.
17.2. Remain in control at all times, especially on the steep downhill sections. Out of control riders are a hazard to themselves and others.
17.3. Due to the nature of the course, it is strongly recommended your brake pads have less than 25% wear and you use no smaller than 160mm disc brake rotors.

21.1. All transition areas will be manned by official race staff and times will be recorded at each area. No outside assistance is allowed on course and no spectators/support persons are allowed in designated transition areas.
21.2. Spectators/support persons are allowed in designated spectator areas along the course. English is the official language of the Red Bull Defiance Adventure race.