Mandatory Gear


The mandatory gear list below is the MINIMUM required while racing. Please adapt what you carry according to the conditions. Even though the event is run at the height of summer, athletes should be aware that snow, wind and rain are possible at any time in the high mountains. If in doubt, check out the gallery of images at the 2017 event! Food, drink and other supplies are deliberately excluded from the Equipment list as they are best left to individual athletes to decide. However, it is worth pointing out that teams should prepare for providing all their own food and water throughout the event. 

Mandatory equipment will be checked and signed off at race registration on Saturday the 19th of January. All equipment must be in excellent working condition, show no visible signs of excessive wear and tear and be correctly sized for the competitor.

At least 1.5L capacity
Waterproof jacket
Seam sealed and durable material
Waterproof pants
Seam sealed and durable material
Thermal/merino long sleeve top
Must have insulating properties
Thermal/merino long pant bottoms
Must have insulating properties
Mobile phone (full charge at start)
Spark network has best coverage
Survival bag
Foil/silver bag, no foil blankets
First aid kit
- Crepe bandage 1.5m x 5cm
- Strapping tape 5m x 2cm
- Band Aid strips (various sizes) x10
- Triangular bandage + 2 safety pins
- Small scissors
- Wound dressing 20cm x 20cm

Notes to Mandatory Gear


The mandatory gear list is focused on your survival should you get into difficulties. It is not about comfort. It is YOUR responsibility to add extra clothes and supplies if the weather or your expected times on the course require it.