Live Coverage Site Ready For Action

January 16, 2019 gzaalno 0 Comments

The Red Bull Defiance ‘live coverage’ site is up and ready to follow all the action, colour and excitement of the two-day event this weekend in Wanaka.

Providing comprehensive coverage of the Red Bull Defiance and X4 events, the site is easily accessible on the home page of the Red Bull Defiance website –

Both two-person teams entered in the Red Bull Defiance and four-person teams entered in the X4 event will carry GPS tracking units enabling real time athlete performance data, team tracking and race information on the ‘live coverage’ site.

Teams can go online now and have a quick look pre-race, check out their competition and see the full course with the topographical maps, elevations and distances. During the weekend coverage will include news snippets, photos, audio bites and quick video’s direct from the field.

Team ‘dots’ will start moving early on Saturday morning (19th January) making for some addictive dot watching over the big weekend of adventure.

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