It Throws Everything At You!

July 29, 2018 gzaalno 0 Comments

Bondi lifeguard, Australian celebrity sportsman and all round good guy Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is well versed in taking on significant sporting challenges in his life and succeeding. Last January he lined up on the Red Bull Defiance start line alongside New Zealand sport and hockey star Gemma McCaw for his inaugural adventure racing debut. We caught up with him to find out if he carried any scars from the event and wether he would come back for a repeat performance.

How did you feel going into the event having never done it before?
I was pretty nervous, more so for the kayak and mtn bike as they are quite new for me.

What part of the event excited you the most?
The event as a whole was just incredible I can’t really put it down to one thing. The perfect mix of adventure racing.

Did you have any abseil experience prior? What was that experience like?
I’ve abseiled a few times but apart from that this was a different experience, having to do that mid race when you’re already pretty broken was tough but exciting all at once.

We hear you and Gemma nailed the clay bird shooting in one? Was that your secret weapon?
Let’s take me out of that sentence “Gemma nailed it” I missed my first two shots. She is just next level under pressure, if I had to go to war with anyone it’d be her!

Which was the hardest day for you – Day one or two and why?
I found the day one kayak really hard, after that mountain bike and run I was so busted and just didn’t have anything left. We had rudder problems early then the wind wasn’t playing nice and it just felt like it went on forever. I was happy… so happy to see the finish line on that day!

What piece of kit did you find the most beneficial out on course?
My partner! You can have all the best gear but if you don’t have a partner that’s there for you every step of the way it’s going to be a long weekend.

Would you do it again?
110% … it’s a race that throws everything at you and you cross the finish line thinking “I want more”!

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